Summer is a Great Time to Sell

Memorial Day Weekend is now behind us, unofficially marking the beginning of summer. And, with the new weather comes a new season of selling houses. Summer is a great time to sell your home for several reasons. The warm weather and lively landscaping paired with longer days make the home buying process more inviting—and hopefully quicker given how busy summers can become! Speaking of busy summers, if you’re selling your home in the upcoming months and want to finish the sale up as quickly as possible so that you can do fun activities, we have a few tips to help you sell your house fast this summer.

Clean up your landscaping

When people arrive at your home, the first thing they look at is its exterior. This includes the front lawn, the porch, and the exterior paint, windows, siding, and doors. Use the warm weather to your advantage to make everything brighter.

Start with the yard. If you have time before you plan on officially listing your home for sale, plant some grass seeds in your lawn. Even more time? A great idea to help you sell your house fast this summer is installing a patio, which can actually lead to a high return on investment! Patios, plants, lights, fences, and other outdoor pieces can help potential buyers envision themselves living there.

If you don’t have as much time, tidy up the grass as much as possible, trim shrubs and dead tree branches, and even plant some flowers near the edge of the house to add some color.

For the exterior of the house, we suggest power washing the siding, doors, windows, and front porch to give the home a clean scrub and to remove the dirt from winter weather. Still looking dull? Try a fresh coat of paint!

Be smart with additions and decorations

The summer is known for being bright; use that to your advantage! Keep the shades pulled back or install sheer curtains to lightly cover the windows during the daytime to let in natural lights. Use decorations, like a vase or two of fresh flowers, to bring attention to features of the home that are worth noticing, like countertops or window sills. Place a beautiful area rug in a room to bring notice to your hardwood floors. A few eye-catching pieces your home has that can help sell your home, use to your advantage!

Similar to decorations, “smart”—or energy-conscious/tech savvy—additions can give your home a competitive advantage. Most areas in the United States get considerably hot in the summer: install a smart thermostat. Thermostats can help decrease energy costs by limiting how much energy air conditioners use. Some other “smart” features include LED light bulbs and water efficient sprinklers. An efficient home is one worth buying!

Selling your home in any season is a complicated process, and the best place to start is by hiring a real estate agent. An experienced Realtor can provide expert advice and support while you sell your home. If you’re in Austin, Texas, the Luxe Property Group is a trusted group who has the necessary experience to help you sell your home fast this summer.

Julia Aldrich, HomeLight content writer, and real estate blogger