Working to be better is always authentic…

I’m sure your inbox is overflowing with emails from everyone you have ever done business with and a million that you haven’t. Those emails are focused on action, awareness, and education. And while you may be wondering whether they are genuine or not, I don’t think that is what matters. Any encouragement to be better is the right encouragement, no matter where it’s coming from. 

One of the things I love about being in the real estate industry, especially with EXP Realty, is that this industry is constantly evolving. I’m always learning, trying to be aware of how the world is being impacted by current events and finding ways to take action. When all of that is focused on social equality and anti-racism, my eyes and ears are wide open and I’m ready to show up however I can. 

June was the end of the school year for many. That feeling of exhilaration and excitement that is usually omnipresent on the last day of school wasn’t felt this year. End of year celebrations were done in car parades instead of stifling gymnasiums and recognition certificates will arrive via mail instead of accompanied by handshakes. But as parents, our pride is soaring higher than ever. Our kids were hit with the unimaginable. All of the things that encompassed a “normal” day, even those that were hectic and crazy busy, were gone in an instant. But they did it and they deserve 100 celebratory parades (and if I’m being honest, so do we – way to go mom and dad!). 

As you make your way into “real summer”, after what seemed to be an extremely long spring break, I encourage you to celebrate everything because we deserve each and every one! 

Photo via Treaty Oak Facebook Page

People, places and things (all of the nouns) are slowly opening in many different ways and at many different speeds in Austin and the surrounding areas. Whether you are ready to be seated on the patio with your mask or sticking with curbside, we are recommending a “Trip to the Drip” this summer! Dripping Springs is roughly 25 miles west of downtown Austin and the drive alone will renew your quarantined spirit. 

Photo via Treaty Oak Facebook Page

Treaty Oak Distilling sits on 28 beautiful acres in Dripping Springs. The pride and craftsmanship that they pour (pun intended) into every bottle is noticeable when you have a conversation with the founder and staff. Every aspect of their business from distilling to their restaurant is executed with so much intention and their swag is pretty cool too. When they aren’t crafting a cocktail or smoking a brisket for you, you can find them on their new YouTube channel. The crew started a show called The Quaranstream to raise money for the Central Texas Food Bank and to provide awesome videos for patrons and fans including a live show with Mike Eli of the Eli Young Band. We are pretty sure they don’t sleep down there. They are paying careful attention to the safety and wellbeing of their guests and employees. You can’t freely walk the grounds yet and your kids need to stay at your table with you. But this is an amazing place to grab a bite, a craft cocktail and some hill country fresh air. Check out their Covid Video here to see what they are doing to open responsibly. And if you want to stay home, they are also shipping to your doorstep! 

On your way home, stop for cupcakes with the Cupcake Guys at Gigi’s on Bee Caves. Not only are their cupcakes amazing but their hearts are big. For the month of June they are supporting Foster Village TX, by donating $20 for every cupcake decorating kit purchased. Each donation will help a child in need that is entering the foster system in Austin.  

Photo via Gigi’s Cupcakes Bee Caves Facebook Page

Share your road trips with us this summer! Post photos on Instagram and Facebook with #LuxeRoadTrip so we can see your adventures and new spots! 

Art by Gerardo Rodriguez

Finally, Luxe continues our mission to help the Austin community as well. There is no better time than the present to collaborate for the benefit of others and that is what we decided to do this summer! Local artist Gerardo Rodriguez, creator of Monsters In Austin has teamed up with Luxe Property Group to make an impact through creativity and we want you involved! In the past, Gerardo has put monsters on famous Austin landmarks, on Austin road signs and even on a dog’s nose. Now he’s putting monsters on your house! For $20, he will create a custom piece of art that includes your house and Luxe Property Group will donate $10 to the Partnerships for Children Rainbow Room. Children in the care of CPS are feeling the impact of the Pandemic more than you can imagine. The Rainbow Room is a place where social workers can find basic needs for the children in their care in addition to comfort needs like teddy bears and blankets. We want to help keep the Rainbow Room stocked! You can participate here

Wishing you a summer of joy, fun and a the desire to always be better!