COVID – The First 50

Photo via Barbecue Wife Facebook page

We’ve made it through the first 50 days of lockdown, mamas, and its time to celebrate. Here are a few Mother’s Day treats to take advantage of this month and info on how to win some of it from Luxe!
Many of us may have indulged a little more than usual as we spend more time at home in stretchy pants. And if you are ready to take those calories to the next level of sophistication, Delysia Chocolatier creates square inches of heaven that are worth every calorie. Chef and owner (with a Masters in Engineering) Nicole Patel, became a nationally recognized chocolatier almost by accident. Her list of local partners is long and includes Home Slice pizza, Kerbey Lane and Tito’s! Their tasting room is located at Anderson Mill and 620 and is currently closed but they are hosting virtual tastings. Don’t worry, the chocolate is real and delivered to your doorstep with an invitation to a virtual meet up with Nicole leading the discussion. In addition to our adorable red boxes wrapped in white ribbon, we received a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a 10% donation was made to the Central Food Bank of Texas! Another bonus worth noting is that you can have a chocolate tasting with friends and family all over the country. Delysia will ship anywhere in the continental U.S. and you can meet online for treats! Just check order deadlines so the chocolate can be there before the tasting. We are giving away a Mother’s Day tasting to a lucky winner in the local area. Check out our Facebook page and our Insta for more details and spread the word! 

photo via Delysia Facebook page

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If you are feeling crafty, missing your tribe, but still not in the mood to wear pants, a virtual paint party might be what you need. Crimson Pallets is a company that offers online pallet painting parties via Zoom. Round up a max of 15 of your favorite friends, get yourself together from the waist up (unless you prefer to stand and paint) and head to to choose your designs. Founder and mom boss, Pam DiMichelle will send everything you need to your doorstep and hook you up with a consultant who will take care of logistics. Parties can cater to grownups, kids, teachers, mommy and me, teens, or whatever. You’ll just need access to Zoom, a space to paint (all is washable) and maybe a glass of wine and an appetizer (that you don’t have to share!). Hostesses get his/her pallet for free and the designs are endless and adorable. 

Photo via Barbecue Wife Facebook page

Let’s talk cocktails. There’s a lot of wine talk going around and there’s nothing at all wrong with that. But when you have nowhere to drive and a little (a lot) of extra time on your hands, there’s a world of cocktail exploration to be done. In Austin, Texas, the craft of margaritas and the smoke of a brisket is a religion that is taken ever so seriously. And we could post a recipe, or we can just tell you how to get an incredible one shipped to your door. Accidental entrepreneur mom and Austinite, Catherine Stiles decided to morph the art of barbeque and cocktails into one and we are a-ok with it. Her margarita mix is simple in its ingredients but mastered in its production. The secret? Hand smoked Texas honey. Yep. The Barbeque Wife prides herself in junk free products made from real ingredients by real people and we love that. And if you are wondering how she knows so much about barbeque, take a look at Stiles Switch the The Switch. She knows every step of the process because she lives it. If you are more of a bloody mary gal, Catherine’s mix will hook you with the subtle smokiness and intense spices (maybe the ones used in Stiles Switch bbq? – again, ok with it). She calls it “holy mama good” and we agree. She ships and her swag is awesome. We are giving a “Mom Jeans and Margaritas” gift pack just in time for Mother’s Day so get on it. 
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Ok, back to the kids. If you live near Burnet Rd. you know the giant cow at Amy’s Ice Cream is missing all of our kids climbing on his back for pictures. He will have to wait a little longer for his lower lumbar pain but we don’t need to wait for ice cream (with sprinkles!). Amy’s is offering curbside pick-up and delivery. Check the website for delivery limitations but while you are there check out everything sweet and order burgers from Phil’s too! Amy and Phil have united with a family pack that includes two grown up burgers, two kids burgers, mixed fries and two pints of ice cream. Giant cow not included. 

Photo via Blue Starlite Facebook page

Start with dinner together and move on to a drive-in. If you want to venture out, the Blue Starlite drive in is still open in Round Rock and has implemented social distancing protocol to ensure safety of employees and patrons. The Austin drive-in is due to reopen on May 7th. They are changing the site regularly to keep you updated and they are showing some sweet classics like Dazed and Confused and Goonies for the older kids and matinees of Shrek on Saturdays. You don’t have to read all of the info on their site before you buy tickets but it would be a lot cooler if you did. If the ride to the Rock is not in your wheelhouse, create a drive-in at home! We’ve all spent a little too much time on Amazon and have the boxes to prove it. Use those to make drive-in cars for your little ones or decorate a few laundry baskets. Queue up Trolls World Tour on Demand and get the popcorn. 
If all of these options sound glorious, but you want a new space in which to make them happen, I can help! The Luxe team has pivoted into digital planning to keep your real estate journey safe and profitable but still personal. Yes, we are amazing like that. Connect with us and let’s talk selling, buying and margaritas soon!