25 Ways to Entertain Your Kids this Summer

Looking for a Few Ways to Entertain Your Kids this Summer?

Now that school is out, many parents worry that their children are going to sit in front of the television or play video games all day.  You can pull them away from that iPad with some interesting activities that are sure to help them get creative and get outside!

Activities for Kids this Summer in Austin TX

Here are 25 ideas that are sure to entertain your children this Summer…


#1 :: Decorate bicycles and have a 4th of July Parade!

#2 :: Make Sock Puppets and have a puppet show

#3 :: Ride the Austin Steam Train

#4 :: Create a fort out of cardboard boxes

#5 :: Interview an older relative and ask them what it was like when they were children

#6 :: Mini Bowling – All you need is a few pencil erasers and a marble and you have a mini bowling alley. Learn how to create.

#7 :: Make paper boats and have a boat race in the kiddie pool

#8 :: Camp out in the backyard – make s’mores on the grill and tell ghost stories!

#9 :: Lemonade Stand and raise money for a local animal shelter or food bank

#10 :: Build a Road – put colored tape (like painter’s tape) on the carpet and create roads for the toy cars and trucks.

#11 :: Play dress up with mom and dad’s clothes – or go to a thrift shop and find some fun clothes

#12 :: Make Popsicles with ice cube trays, paper cups and molds. Learn how.

#13 :: Take a nature walk and then make a collage from all of the items you find during the walk

#14 :: Scavenger Hunt – indoors or out

#15 :: Pick berries and make jam

#16 :: Game Day in the backyard – potato sack race, egg toss, etc.  Invite the neighbors.

#17 :: Visit a water park – there are at least 3 in Austin!

#18 :: Popcorn Race –  you just need a few straws and a few kernels of popcorn.  Kids blow through the straw to make their popcorn move.

#19 :: Make homemade pizza together

#20 :: Play Laser Tag at Blazer Tag in Austin

#21 :: Play Balloon Badminton – all your need is a balloon, paper plates and sticks. How to assemble and play.

#22 :: Visit the library – some libraries have story hour, so that’s a nice little break for you!

#23 :: Go Bowling (for FREE) – there are 6 bowling lanes in Austin that have free bowling for kids this summer

#24 :: Create a canvas painting – for older kids you can do self-portrait and for the younger ones, it can just be finger paint / abstract painting

#25 :: Decorate cookies or cupcakes… and deliver them to your neighbors!


Enjoy the time with your kids this Summer!

— Your friends at LUXE

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